Been here for several weeks now. One of my favorite parts of Germany is the architecture. The Germans build using all sorts of different styles; you can have a state-of-the-art university building alongside a five-hundred-year-old church.
Speaking of which, we just finished a four day tour to Heidelberg, Koblenz, and Koln (Cologne). Seeing the cathedral in Koln was on of the highlights of the trip for me. The pictures just don’t capture how massive this thing really is (515 feet tall at the spire). As Mr Vander Roest stated so well, “If that doesn’t take your breath away, you’re not alive.” And every foot of that church is covered in statues, stonecarving, and stained glass. I sat staring at the thing for a good hour and still didn’t take it all in. It looks even better at night. Kind of reminds you of Sauron’s fortress in “The Lord of the Rings”, with all the lights reflecting off the blackened stone. I’d highly recommend visiting this place if ever you chance to be in Europe.

A Card

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