Near the End

Germany has been an awesome experience. When I first got off the plane I expected it to be a lot like North America but now, near the end I am not surprised to see that I was wrong. Berlin ticks like a Swiss watch and the infrastructure runs smoothly. Trains and buses are almost always on time. You don’t see anyone slacking off on the job. The Germans have an obsession with doing things right. Our train was delayed by 8 minutes and there were many apologies for such a tiny delay and in North America trains get delayed for hours with only a superficial apology. We are more relaxed in North America over lateness and less than perfect work. Because of this work ethic, everything is clean, things are on time, and everything just works better. We should adopt this outlook on work because the results are very clear. The efforts to recycle are also a big difference here. North Americans take a lot for granted because they have so much at their disposal. Over here there is a lot of incentive to recycle and the government has made it very easy. I really enjoyed the time in Germany and I would love to come back some day.

-Richard Fung

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One Response to Near the End

  1. Richard says:

    Good to “hear” from you, and your view about Germany: the people and the places. Hope you enjoy this trip and expand your views in different culture. Glad to read your notes….
    I will meet you at the Detroit Airport this Saturday…. we are excited for your home coming…

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